Greetings from KCZ Welcome to Kochi Ryoma Airport

Kochi Ryoma Airport (KCZ) is the air gateway to the alluring prefecture, Kochi, which is renowned for its magnificent natural scenery and interesting culture.KCZ offers daily scheduled non-stop flights to/from 4 main cities in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.Making your stay comfortable‐that is our goal and we welcome visitors with heartfelt services and fascinating events. Visit Tosa (Kochi), and experience the warmth and hospitality of our staff and the locals.

About Ryoma Sakamoto

Ryoma Sakamoto, one of the most beloved samurai hero of all time, was born in Kochi in 1835, The historical sites related to him can be found everywhere in the city and they still continue to charm visitors from all over the world.

The Allure of Kochi prefecture


Located on the south coast of Shikoku, Kochi prefecture benefits a lot from the Pacific Ocean and yet, about 84% of the prefecture is covered in forest. The Shimanto River, known as "the last pristine river in Japan", is also one of the allure of Kochi. Rich, invigorating nature and its subtropical climate allow you to enjoy various water activities, such as scuba diving, canoeing, and whale/dolphin watching.


Thanks to our abundant nature, Kochi is known for its fresh food from mountains, rivers and oceans. You can enjoy tons of delectable local cuisine every day, including fresh fruits, "sansai" (edible wild plants), and our famous "katsuo no tataki" (lightly grilled bonito). Hirome Market, where the best of street food from Kochi and a lot more gather under one roof, is also worth a visit.

History and Culture

Kochi is the birthplace of many great men in Japanese history, such as Ryoma Sakamoto and Manjiro Nakashima (John Manjiro), and is also famous for a place of pilgrimage. Having welcomed pilgrims, known as "ohenro-san", for more than 1,200 years, the locals love to welcome people from outside. You’ll be surprised to see how fast people make friends with each other with beer glasses in their hands!