Bus route

Timetable for Public Transportation

Airport Buses

Bus Stop 1

Operated by
Tosaden Kotsu

JR Kochi Station Prefectural Office
815 258
905 209
1000 55
1400 3014
1520 35 40
1600 1516
1815 30 4018
2000 20 25

Bus Stop 2

Operated by
Kochi Ekimae Kanko

JR Kochi Station
700 7 
8815  20
905  10  30  359
1045  501005 
1200  30 1255
1300  4013
1405  35  401445
1520  30  40  451525
1820  40  50
2000  20  35

*All lines are via Harimayabashi Kanko bus terminal.
*Bus departure time may be delayed due to flight delays.
*Those at underlined departing time will be operated as express busses.
(Note: Express busses pass the stops between Bypass Kukodori and Chiyoricho.)

Taxi company

Koyo Hire +81-88-864-2539 Nissho Hire +81-88-864-2731
Yoshimoto kotsu +81-88-864-4111 Idai Hire +81-88-862-0200
Hamada Hire +81-887-53-3131 Shimoda Hire +81-88-865-8432
Noichi Taxi +81-887-56-1700 Heiwa Hire +81-887-54-3165

Access to KCZ

Car rental company

Times car +81-88-804-6550 Nippon rent-a-car +81-88-863-0663
Toyota rent-a-car +81-88-864-0707 Nissan rent-a-car +81-88-864-2319
Bajietto rent-a-car +81-88-878-6543 Orix rent-a-car
Kochi Ryoma Airport Terminal Store
Orix rent-a-car
Kochi Airport store

Access to major tourist destinations

East side of Kochi

Place name Distance from KCZ Driving time
Cape Muroto 75km 110minutes
Aki city 26km 40minutes
Noichi Station 5km 10minutes
Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture 7km 15minutes
Kochi University of Technology 12km 25minutes
JR Gomen Station 7km 15minutes
Anpanman Museum 20km 40minutes
Ryugado Cave 12km 20minutes
ACTLAND 6km 15minutes

Center of Kochi

Place name Distance from KCZ Driving time
Katsurahama Beach 16km 25minutes
Godai Mountain 12km 20minutes
Harimaya Bridge 16km 30minutes
Kochi Station 17km 35minutes
Kochi Castle 17km 40minutes
The Museum of Art, Kochi 12km 20minutes
Jibasan Center 13km 25minutes
Kochi Medical School | Kochi University 11km 20minutes
Kochi Prefectural Office 17km 35minutes
Haruno Sports Park 26km 45minutes

West side of Kochi

Place name Distance from KCZ Driving time(Highway)
Shimanto city 130km 180minutes
Cape Ashizuri 175km 240minutes
Tombo(Dragonfly) Park 135km 185minutes
Tengu Kogen 105km 130minutes
Sukumo city 155km 210minutes

Parking information

Parking Fee

Free from admission to 30 minutes.
Discount services are available through the use of airport building shops and restaurants.

  Standard-sized car Motorcycle
Up to 30 minutes Free Free
Up to 60 minutes 100 yen 50 yen
Up to 90 minutes 200 yen 100 yen
Maximum of 1 day (24 hours) 800 yen 400 yen

*Up to 700 yen per day from the 4th day (72 hours).
For more information,click here (to external site)

Payment method

Please pay the fee at the advance payment machine or the exit automatic payment machine. (Cash or credit card)

Request for long-term parking

Due to airport parking management and airport security, parking is restricted for 14 consecutive days or more. If you intend to use the service beyond the specified period, please notify the parking lot management office.

Kochi Ryoma Airport Area Map